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ENVI-FILTER A/S has specialized in producing filter cartridges and bags for filtration of air in the industry all over the world. With own production in Denmark, Poland and Australia we can fulfill requests from customers all over the world. ENVI-FILTER produces and markets a wide range of quality products such as pleated filter bags, filter bags, Filter cartridges for dust filtration, panel/flat filters, Gas Turbine filters and a wide range of replacement filter cartridges.

Filter cartridge type 4 is a cartridge with different kinds of constructions that makes it possible to fit the filter cartridges on either dust or clean surfaceFilter bags can be replaced with pleated bags. With pleated filtermedia the surface area increases and deliver an optimal filtrationENVICELL is Envi-Filters answer to a compact flat filter where compact systems ensure effective filtering in such a small filter units as possible.Filter cartridge Type 1 is also known as DIN cartridges and are the most used filter cartridges in air filtration.ENVICompCell is a strong and sturdy air filter that is highly effective used to Gas TurbineENVI-FILTER offers a range of replacement filters for all filter units. In ENVI-FILTER you get quality filter cartridges at reasonable prices.
 Type 4 Pleated bagsENVICELL Type 1ENVICompCell Replacement

angWe help you with finding the optimal and most economic solution as we choose the filter medium which suits your demands.Contact us – and we will do everything to deliver the service and professional counselling which you can expect from a professional supplier.


ENVI-filter supplies air filtration cartridges