Become our new Research and Product Development Manager in Poland


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Role: Research and Product Development Manager
Envi Filter Sp. Z.o.o.
Zlotow, Poland

About Us:
At Envi Filter, a Danish-owned company with nearly 30 years of filtration expertise, we specialize in manufacturing replacement filters for dust collectors. Serving distributors, service companies, and OEMs, we take pride in offering both standard and tailored filter solutions to meet diverse client needs. As part of our future strategy, we are committed to incorporating sustainability initiatives, aiming to provide environmentally friendly air filter solutions for a more sustainable industry. Position Overview We are seeking a skilled and detail-oriented Research and Product Development Manager to join our team in the evolving field of filtration. The selected candidate will contribute to our commitment to excellence by fostering innovation, upholding stringent standards in product development, and delivering efficient solutions. Our aim is not only to meet industry norms and standards but to elevate them to a higher level, reflecting our dedication to continuous improvement and advancement. Additionally, we aspire to work more extensively with sustainability initiatives in the field, further aligning our practices with environmentally conscious principles.

Key Responsibilities: Develop and maintain documentation on standards and requirements for air filter products and components. Manage technical drawings to ensure accuracy and compliance with specifications. Lead product development and improvement projects, driving innovation in air filter technology for dust collectors. Act as an advisor for our sales team, providing technical expertise and support in customer interactions. Collaborate closely with the production manager, production team, and sales staff in Poland and Denmark. Work cross-functionally to align product development with production and sales objectives.

Bachelor’s or advanced degree in a related field (e.g., Engineering, Product Management, Business).
Proven experience in research and product development within the filtration industry, with a focus on air filtration or related.
Strong knowledge of standards and requirements for air filter products and components.
Familiarity with the latest trends in air filter technology for dust collectors.
Excellent project management and organizational skills. Effective communication and interpersonal abilities.

How to Apply: Please submit your resume, cover letter, and any relevant work samples to info(małpa) Include “Research and Product Development Manager Application” in the subject line. The deadline for applications is 31.03.2024

Benefits: Continuous Learning Opportunities: Access workshops, training, and conferences to stay updated on industry trends and best practices.

Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Collaborate across borders, including Denmark, to gain diverse perspectives and contribute to global projects that serve our broad categories of clientele.

Innovation and Creative Autonomy: Thrive in a culture that not only supports innovation but empowers you to put your own creativity to work. Enjoy the freedom to explore new ideas and solutions, contributing to the ongoing innovative spirit of our company.

Flexible Work Schedule: Enjoy a healthy work-life balance with flexible working hours and the autonomy to shape your own schedule, ensuring a positive work-life balance aligned with your preferences.

Opportunity to Contribute to Company Growth: Be a key player in the company’s success by actively contributing to its growth. Your efforts will directly impact the development and expansion of our business.

Competitive Salary and Bonuses: Benefit from competitive salary structures and bonuses that recognize the effort and results you contribute to our product development team.

Modern Work Environment: Influence and access the necessary equipment and tools for your work.

Positive Work Atmosphere: Experience a friendly, young and collegial work environment with a supportive attitude.

Equal Opportunity Employer: At Envi Filter, we are dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all, irrespective of background or identity. Our belief in diversity drives innovation and excellence across our organization. We welcome and value the unique perspectives each team member brings, creating an environment of equality, respect, and collaboration.