Choosing the right filter

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Choosing the right filter for your industry can be a complicated and expensive business. The choosing involves various factors to consider in order to ensure the most efficient performance, cost effectiveness and compliance with regulations in your branch. Even though this blog is not an exhaustive list, it will still give you some of the key factors you should consider when choosing the right filter for your need:

What kind of particles.

It is important to identify what type of particles are being generated in your plant. What kind of dust as well as the size range of the particles you need to filtrate will determine what kind of filter and especially what kind of filter media to use.

Filter media type

Consider what kind of filter media is best suitable for the contaminants in your industry. Different kinds of dusts, oil mist or fumes require different kind of filter media in order to get the best and safest filtration.

Filtration efficiency.

It is also important to consider the required level of filtration efficiency which varies depending on the contaminants in your industry.

Airflow rate and energy efficiency 

When choosing the right filter, it is also important to consider how many m3 of air you need filtrated per hour. It is important to select the right filter to handle your filtration system’s particular airflow rate without causing excessive pressure to drop.  Another factor to mind is the energy consumption. A high pressure on the filter can lead to increased energy consumption and at the same time a decreased airflow.

Aim for filters with lower pressure drop while at the same time still meeting the efficiency requirements for your line of industry.

Environmental conditions

The environmental conditions should also play a key role when choosing the right filter. Temperature, humidity, and chemical exposure are all key players in finding the right filter type. Choose a filter that are designed to withstand the specific environmental conditions in your plant without degrading or losing efficiency.

And finally:

Time, amount, and price

Time is essential in almost any process industry. When you need to replace your air filters, it usually means shutting parts of or the whole production down and losing precious working hours. By choosing a quality filter, you’re also choosing better and longer filter life and less downtime.

Another important factor can be storage space. Many smaller manufacturing companies may not have a lot of excess space where extra air filters can be stored and need to be able to order the exact number of filters as replacement approaches.

With ENVI FILTER you get both quality filters and the ability to purchase exactly the number of filters you or your customer need without having to find extra storage space.

We are ISO certified and take pride in manufacturing good quality filters that are compatible with most different filter systems on the market. We can supply durable filters in both small and large quantities at a competitive price.

Call us or email us today and we will be happy to provide you with our knowledge and service in order to find the best fit.