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With over 30 years of filtration expertise, crafting tailored filters is our forte. Count on us to guide customers towards the perfect solution. Reach out to us without delay; we’re committed to assisting you and precisely delivering the custom air filters your customers facility demands.

Custom size filters for air built to your specification

Welcome to ENVI-FILTER. With more than 30 years in the air filtration industry, we’ve become experts at creating custom solutions for a wide range of applications. Our focus is on practical, efficient, and effective filters, tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

From standard sizes to custom designs, our filters are made to ensure the best possible air filtration for your facility. At ENVI-FILTER, we’re dedicated to delivering custom air filters that perform, crafted to your specifications.

ENVI-FILTER has specialized in producing filter cartridges and bags (and cassettes) for filtration of air in industries all over the world. Custommade filters as well. Therefore, if you need specially made filters for your filtration reach out today!

Serving Diverse Industries with Specialized Air Filtration

ENVI-FILTER’s custom air filters are integral to a wide array of industries. In pharmaceuticals and dairy production, our filters ensure critical air purity and hygiene. Steel mills and plastic production facilities rely on us for effective dust collection and air quality management. Our expertise also extends to pneumatic transport systems, adeptly handling particulates and air quality challenges.

Our solutions cater to various industrial needs, whether it’s managing fine dust or specific air contaminants. This versatility demonstrates our deep understanding of the unique filtration requirements across diverse sectors. With ENVI-FILTER, every industry finds a reliable partner in achieving optimal air quality.

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Team behind ENVI Filter producing air filtration systems


Here at ENVI-FILTER, we strive to give you the very best experience using our services. We are devoted to making the very best filters, for your filtration system. 

We bring over 30 years of practical experience to the world of air filtration. Our focus is on crafting filters that genuinely meet the diverse needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on being approachable problem-solvers, dedicated to delivering reliable and effective filtration solutions.

Every filter we produce reflects our commitment to enhancing air quality in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner.

Custom Air Filter Dimensions and Variations

ENVI-FILTER’s custom air filters are available in a variety of standard industry sizes, including 325 mm, 156 mm, 215 mm, and 225 mm, with heights adjustable from 100 mm to 2000 mm. Our specialization in custom-made filters allows us to offer unique flanges with different internal and external diameters, tailored to specific requirements.

This includes the widely-used DIN cartridge with a central mounting rod, the robust 3-hook “JET” flange, and the secure “Twistlock” flange, available with 3 or 4 notches for easy and reliable installation.

Man welding systems for dust filtration

Material Selection and Application Focus

Our filters are crafted from a range of durable materials including plastic, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, suitable for diverse industrial environments. Threaded flanges are offered in sizes RD60, RD72, RD73, RD100, and RD200.

Primarily focused on air and dust filtration, we use materials like polyester (our most popular), cellulose blends, nano-layered polyester, and flame-retardant options. For environments with explosive dust, our antistatic versions are essential. Additionally, all polyester filters can be treated with antistatic, PTFE coating, or PTFE membrane.

We also provide a comprehensive range of filter bags in these materials, catering to replacement filters for OEM dust collection systems and other known brands.