TYPE 1 Filter Cartridges

product_drawingENVI-FILTER type 1 cartridges are constructed with steel flanges which you can get in a range of varying sizes and lengths. Envi-Filter cartridges can be used in considerable filter plants and dust types. Our filter cartridges can be constructed after the needs of the customer, we can for instance deliver filter cartridges which can stand up to 200 degrees C. The filter cartridges can be delivered with polyester filter material, cellulose (paper) or polypropylen.

Antistatic (ATEX)
PTFE coating (oil and water repellent)
PTFE membrane (high filtrationefficiency)
Heigh tempeture media

Ø mmA Ø mmB Ø mmC mmD mmE mmF mmG mmPleated depth
225225143185150-1200->2000 D+13D-38 8-1328
305305190248150-1200 D+13D-381348
325325216275150-1200->2000 D+13D-381328/48
351351241299150-1000 D+13D-38 13/1848
445445335390150-1000 D+13D-38 13/2948
570570460515150-1000 D+13D-38 13/2948