Envi-Filter Presents: Frederikke Moustgaard Lund

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”My name is Frederikke Moustgaard Lund, I’m 22 years old and I play elite-level badminton on a daily basis.”

Comes from Jacqueline and Jonathan’s cousin, a young and ambitious badminton talent. Frederikke has played badminton since she was 9 years old. She currently sits at rank 90 overall, in single in the world rankings and around rank 6 in the Danish senior single playlist. She has won gold in the European Championships with her team when she was 17, along with becoming the Danish champion in both single and double.

“I travel around Europe, playing in tons of different tournaments collecting points to rise even further up the rankings from where I’m at now. I’m dreaming of playing in the biggest tournaments such as the European and World Championships, and the Olympics.”

Frederikke is a talented and skilled player, who we are proud to present as a new Envi-Filter sponsor!

“My best and favorite result was when I played in the Iceland Future Series 2023 and won gold. It was my first international title, so I was very proud of myself!”

And just recently, in September 2023, Frederikke played in the Belgian International Challenge, which was her first semifinal at that skill level, where she got 3rd place. So, Frederikke could definitely already be really proud of herself, but she’s a player who doesn’t stop when she plays exceptional at a tournament, she pushes herself further. And we’re sure she will get even further and break even more skill barriers than she already has!

“I am very excited and happy about the new collaboration with Envi-Filter! I can’t wait to proudly bear the logo in the future, when I participate in tournaments both in Denmark and around Europe.”

And we are happy to have you, representing us in the Badminton world!