ENVICompCell is a strong and sturdy air filter, which is very efficient. This box-shaped air filter is specially constructed for Gas Turbine plants if the air filtration quality is very important for the efficiency of the gas turbines and the turbo compressors. Thus ENVI-FILTER offers this box filter, ENVICompCell, which secures your plant an efficient and optimum air filtration.

High dust holding capacity
Initially a low-pressure loss
Longe lifetime/low pressure
Fits most static filterhouses – easy to install
Cleaning posibilities

Filter class acc. to EN779F6F7F8F9
Permeability (m3/h)4250425042504250
Presseuredrop (Pa)90100110125
Filter area (m2)181818 18
Filtresen degree (%)98>99 >>99 ~99
Max temperature (Grader C)100 100100 100