Krajenka Fire Brigade Bike Rally

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Krajenka, Poland a town close to where we have our polish headquarters.
The local fire brigade holds an annual Bike Rally event, commemorating the late Piotr Baranowski. He was a well-known and loved man throughout the town who unexpectedly passed in 2018.

The first Firebrigade Bike Rally was already held a year later in 2019 honoring the firefighter.

The late Piotr Baranowski enjoyed covering up to 60 kilometers a day on municipal and district roads. When he was on duty, he would “spin” on the streets of Krajenka, cheerfully greeting his friends, which was the whole town. He considered it his honor that Krajenka’s fire brigade never failed in times of need, and that they always answered the call 🚒

Envi Filter Poland ♻ loves the initiative, and we are therefore happy to be sponsoring this years event!